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2009-08-21 19:17:29 by Bob1000

Hello and i just want to tell u i am making a game. it is a snake game and i know the two snake games i have on my acc suck. but this one i am actually aiming for a score of 3.00 or higher. The game is going to be called "Snake Wants Steak" and the reason i posted this is because i am making it right now and i need ideas like enemys backrounds things like that but if they involve as please keep it as 2 and also simple cause i went to flash animation lessons not action script lessons and im not good at as.

my first full animation!

2009-06-29 15:22:56 by Bob1000

i had to do this for flash class and it is my first full animation please see it the link is


2009-04-07 22:33:54 by Bob1000

OMG! like like i am back and im gona start doing flash again and posting animations! (not the crappy ones i used to post up). i have started taking flash lessons so i actualy know what i am doing =) i am still not a pro i am still quite a begginer but i am way more capable now! i am also going to be posting up the things i did in the flash classes too until i get an idea for a video and also if you guys have any (begginer) ideas please tell me them in a comment. Thanks!!! and you do give me an idea i will co aouther u!!!

OMG! its Pac-Man: The Movie

2008-07-10 08:36:05 by Bob1000

OMG OMG its coming to a therter near me zomg watch the oficial trailer!!!!!!!
CLICK-ITY TO SEE-ITY the trailer-ity


2008-05-19 00:25:45 by Bob1000

if anyone wants to also make some of the Moments of the Steak videos then pm me and ill tell you what you can do (yes ill co aouther you)


2008-05-18 18:42:13 by Bob1000

i got a 2.48 on my newst video Moments of the Steak EP#2 its the BEST score i ever got

random vilence callob

2008-05-11 13:43:56 by Bob1000

i am making a random vilence callob anyone who want to join just make a mini- movie/game about random vilence rulez are:

Must be randomly violent

If a movie must be under a min

If a game must be realy easy to beat and violent

no nude

leve a comment if you are joininj

no adult themes

no extreme explicit audio (mild alowed)

no extreme explicit text (mild alowed)

up to 9 people can join if more join top 9 will be picked

try to make it funny

and last put your name it one of the corners of your flash

send the video/game to me here if that wont work is

Buirritos or Pie You Deside

2008-05-06 00:35:39 by Bob1000

i am going o make a flash animation called Burritos or Pie and i need a story spot dose anyone have 1? ill put your name in discription if i use it.


2008-05-02 21:25:20 by Bob1000

i didnt make this video but

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2008-05-02 21:00:08 by Bob1000

Woops wrong pic was at the bottem

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